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Time Period
Benchmark Status: Not Running

Load Time (onload) (direct link)

Time to First Byte (direct link)

Time to Title (direct link)

Base Page SSL Time (direct link)

Time to Start Render (direct link)

Time to First Contentful Paint (direct link)

Time to First Meaningful Paint (direct link)

DOM Content Loaded (direct link)

Time to Visually Complete (direct link)

Time to 85% Visually Complete (direct link)

Time to 90% Visually Complete (direct link)

Time to 95% Visually Complete (direct link)

Time to 99% Visually Complete (direct link)

Last Visual Change (direct link)

Load Time (Fully Loaded) (direct link)

Time to Interactive (direct link)

Estimated RTT to Server (direct link)

CPU Busy Time (direct link)

Number of DOM Elements (direct link)

Connections (direct link)

Requests (Fully Loaded) (direct link)

Requests (onload) (direct link)

Bytes In (KB - onload) (direct link)

Bytes In (KB - Fully Loaded) (direct link)

JavaScript Bytes (KB) (direct link)

JavaScript Requests (direct link)

CSS Bytes (KB) (direct link)

CSS Requests (direct link)

Image Bytes (KB) (direct link)

Image Requests (direct link)

Flash Bytes (KB) (direct link)

Flash Requests (direct link)

Video Bytes (KB) (direct link)

Video Requests (direct link)

HTML Bytes (KB) (direct link)

HTML Requests (direct link)

Text Bytes (KB) (direct link)

Text Requests (direct link)

Other Bytes (KB) (direct link)

Other Requests (direct link)

Browser Version (direct link)

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