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Video on IE9 not working - Beauco - 07-30-2012 07:43 PM


I have 4 agents:

Agent 1: Windows 7 with IE9 & Chrome
Agent 2: Windows 7 with IE8 & Firefox
Agent 3: Windows XP with IE7
Agent 4: Windows XP with IE6 (soon to be decommisioned)

On Agent 1 I've been having the issue for a while now, that video isn't working. Up until now rebooting the agent fixed this.
As this PC is somewhere in our serverroom, I setup a reboot schedule to avoid being called by collegues a few times a week.

As reboot fixed this issue and I expected it to be a local problem on the client, I never bothered you guys with this issue.
However it just got interesting:
Now Video on Chrome is working fine. It's just IE9 which has problems.

Any of you guys recognise this issue?


Hmmh ...

It just got a little weirder ...

Not only is Chrome working now, IE9 also just worked fine a few times.

What could be causing IE9 to sometimes prevent video captures and sometimes allowing them?

Could it be browser (or extension) updates?

RE: Video on IE9 not working - pmeenan - 08-01-2012 04:34 AM

Try disabling hardware acceleration in the IE settings.

When video doesn't work does it grab a black screen? That's usually the sign of a locked desktop (make sure the screen saver and power management are disabled).

RE: Video on IE9 not working - Beauco - 08-01-2012 06:22 PM

I made sure screensaver and auto-lock was off.
Those were not the issue.

However Power Saving settings was.
Actually this is really odd, as there was either no screen attached or it was switched off. So why the hell ....

Anyhow I changed that on monday and it's still working, so indeed that was the issue.