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hosting a new location - nilskuhn - 10-07-2013 11:05 PM

we ( http://www.iteratec.de/ ) would like to host a webpagetest-location in Hamburg city, Germany. What do we have to do for that?
And two questions:

Is there another reason for running the agent with an admin-win-account than for creation of user1-win-account? So if we just use the 'use current account'-setting in urlblast-ini couldn't we use an account with limited rights?
Do you have experiences with rights violations (tests of forbidden sites)? How does other location-hosters manage this and how long do you hold the logs for the tests on all locations/agents?

Informations for location:

IE-Version: 10 with auto-updates, run with wptdriver
Location: Hamburg city, Germany
* 80 mbps down
* 5 mbps up
* What do you mean by first hop-RTT? From test-machine to our modem/router? Do you subtract that time in measurements?

Regards, Nils