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RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause - Anton Chigurh - 05-16-2014 01:44 AM

Is "combine.js" a compressed javascript file? Because if not compressed it really doesn't help much to combine - you're just trading extra calls for a really fat file. It is 467.5 KB (almost half a megabyte) so I suspect it is not compressed.

You also have four 404 not found errors showing in your test using IE9. But only one of those shows in the test I just did, using IE10 (linked below).

You're still getting the F grade for progressive JPEG due primarily to these two images:


At the links above, choose the third version of the image shown, save to your desktop, rename to match what is on the server, then upload to overwrite.

There are more JPEGS you need to optimize, click on where it says "Analyze JPEG" each time you see it, here:
Then choose the image shown which has the smallest kb file size.

You aren't getting the full load picture using IE9 for the test, for whatever reason. IE 10 is seeing more load, still over 1.5kb in the test here, just performed.

Not sure how you are "compressing" the images, but still you are leaving almost 300kb of fat on them:
501.7 KB total in images, target size = 290.2 KB - potential savings = 211.4 KB

WARNING - (219.5 KB, compressed = 151.3 KB - savings of 68.1 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/Infographics_Elections.jpg?v=1
FAILED - (69.9 KB, compressed = 12.9 KB - savings of 56.9 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/NewsDefault.jpg
FAILED - (33.7 KB, compressed = 19.1 KB - savings of 14.5 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/NewHomePage/Ads_InfoGraphic.jpg?v=1
FAILED - (20.3 KB, compressed = 6.4 KB - savings of 13.9 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/finalaya_logo.jpg
FAILED - (11.6 KB, compressed = 3.4 KB - savings of 8.2 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/100yen.jpg
FAILED - (10.8 KB, compressed = 2.8 KB - savings of 8.0 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/1EURO.jpg
FAILED - (10.0 KB, compressed = 2.7 KB - savings of 7.3 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/1GBP.jpg
FAILED - (9.3 KB, compressed = 3.2 KB - savings of 6.1 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/1DOLLAR.jpg
WARNING - (15.2 KB, compressed = 10.2 KB - savings of 5.0 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/exchange_bg.jpg
FAILED - (5.4 KB, compressed = 1.9 KB - savings of 3.5 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/NewHomePage/FB_signin.jpg
FAILED - (5.3 KB, compressed = 1.8 KB - savings of 3.5 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/SML/retrun_beta_Footer.jpg
FAILED - (5.1 KB, compressed = 1.7 KB - savings of 3.4 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/NewHomePage/TW_singin.jpg
FAILED - (4.6 KB, compressed = 1.6 KB - savings of 3.0 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/FB_finalaya.jpg
FAILED - (4.8 KB, compressed = 1.8 KB - savings of 2.9 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/switch_old_01.jpg
FAILED - (7.0 KB, compressed = 4.3 KB - savings of 2.7 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/SML/0_retrun_beta_Header_800px.jpg
FAILED - (4.4 KB, compressed = 2.4 KB - savings of 2.0 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/mt_Home.jpg
FAILED - (2.7 KB, compressed = 1.7 KB - savings of 1.1 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/images/newhomepage/imgg_001.jpg
WARNING - (1.7 KB, compressed = 1.3 KB - savings of 0.4 KB) - http://www.finalaya.com/Images/NewHomePage/whyFinalaya.jpg

Don't "test shop" looking for better results. Fix the problems, to get better results and stay with the same test parameters, all the time. The IE10 test parameter I linked above should be the one you stick with, to get the full picture and "worst case" scenario.

RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause - GreenGecko - 05-26-2014 02:18 PM

Is combine.js a static file, or does it gather stuff from other servers on the fly? It seems that maybe it's being built when requested? Current download speed is 12KB/s - not far off dialup speed. I'm with Patrick on this, as I have no experience tuning IIS but, given this and your long TTFB, this server is not helping one little bit. It's always difficult to comment on a custom written site anyway.

If it is a static file, then delivering this file via a CDN ( 2 orders of magnitude faster to most! ) will help. Listen to the site owner. He knows what he's talking about.

RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause - Nitin - 05-29-2014 06:28 PM

HI Guys,

I worked on compressing the images and Java script. The size of image cannot be further compressed as we cannot compromise on the quality. Also as recommended to combine and compress Jss file we did that but the size of combine.jss is more than 400Kb as the size of code is huge. Is there any other way to split the combines jss file and then use it separately? Or recommend some more.

http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140529_H3_99K/ this is my test result.

RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause - pmeenan - 05-31-2014 12:29 AM

Optimally you would load the JS at the end of the page or load it asynchronously but both of those options require that you know exactly what the script is doing and how it will behave (and yes, you can break it up as well). It's easy enough to do for whoever implemented all of the code for the site but if you don't know exactly what you are doing things WILL break (most likely because of inline scripts in the page or UI that depends on being drawn by the script).