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You can't ask this from me - NaZz - 08-23-2014 12:37 AM

First Byte Time (back-end processing): 88/100
152 ms First Byte Time
33 ms Target First Byte Time

How on earth will I ever be able to achieve this?
I have optimised my website so hard but I can't get score A on first byte because the target time is 30ms? Impossible!

Also I am running joomla with virtuemart, products, images, js's, css's, lots of things.

You can't expect 30ms from me on this setup Sad

I need my A score! Big Grin


Should I leave this first byte score and ignore it, or should I waste many precious hours just to get that 0.1 second?


RE: You can't ask this from me - pmeenan - 08-26-2014 06:07 AM

Do you have a link to the test result? The first byte time target is usually calculated as a function of the socket connect time and should also have a 100ms buffer so something went wrong with the math.

None of the images, css, javascript, etc weigh in to the TTFB - that's just the time it takes for your server to generate the underlying HTML and deliver the first byte of it. It is supposed to allow 100ms of server time in addition to the round trip for the request (as well as DNS and SSL time) so somewhere it got confused and seems to have thought that the RTT was negative.