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jquery script doesn't work - leon_temp@163.com - 09-17-2014 04:09 PM

hi, I setup a private instance and run following scripts:
logData 0
navigate https://xxx.com
exec document.getElementById("userName").value = "xxx"
exec document.getElementById("password").value = "xxx"
logData 1
clickAndWait id=btnLogin
sleep 5
execAndWait $("button[class$='icon-setting']").trigger("vclick")
execAndWait $(".moremenu-icon").trigger("vclick")

Howerver, after sleep, the last 2 scripts are not executed. Actually, I tried many ways to make them works, include use commands "click", "exec document...", all of them not works. I hope the jquery script can works because our web site is very complex with many javascript codes.