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Test History "Test Not Found" - rgarcia - 03-30-2016 12:16 AM

How long does webpagtest store tests results? It appears it's now less than 4 months.

Tests I performed in Oct 2015 display: "Test Not Found".

http://www.webpagetest.org/result/151007_A6_116Q/ (Oct 2015)

Tests I performed in Dec 2015 are shown:


Search query:


Am I missing something?

RE: Test History "Test Not Found" - pmeenan - 03-30-2016 10:26 PM

We store test results indefinitely but there's a fairly big * next to that. That being that the tests are stored in a single (redundant) array with no offline backup and it is a best-effort. Up until a few months ago we had a solid streak for ~8 years with no issues but there was a logic problem introduced (while fixing a filesystem corruption) that resulted in a lot of the archived tests being removed.


RE: Test History "Test Not Found" - Sbo - 05-23-2016 09:33 PM

Is there any chance that tests will be restored?
I'm very satisfied with your service, but did never consider to backup tests.
Now I'm asked to make a comparison, which unfortunately is just impossible
without reference.


RE: Test History "Test Not Found" - pmeenan - 05-24-2016 02:02 AM

No, sorry. There are no backups (it was ~30TB of data at it's peak).