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50sec FTTB from 404 & deleted plugin - Deen - 06-18-2016 11:45 AM

My website took quite long to load. The report pointed to 404 css and already deleted plugin. Really looking forward for any comment or assistance.

Thank you


RE: 50sec FTTB from 404 & deleted plugin - akshayranganath - 06-22-2016 02:55 AM

Could you run a few more tests and confirm that the error persists? I ran the test a few minutes back and it looks ok:

RE: 50sec FTTB from 404 & deleted plugin - payetteforward - 06-24-2016 03:03 AM

A couple things I see:

You're getting a Google Fonts 400 bad request error—I'd take a look at that, and also there's a javascript error in the email code. I'm not sure which plugin is inserting the code, but it's missing a semicolon that's breaking the code—find it in the plugin and add it—the semicolon to add is in red below.

if(emailAdd!=""){var element=$n("#youremail").next().next();if(emailAdd.toLowerCase()=='Email'.toLowerCase()){$n(element).ht​ml('<div class="image_error">This field is required.</div>');isvalidEmail=false;}else{var JsRegExPatern=/^\w+([-+.']\w+)*@\w+([-.]\w+)*\.\w+([-.]\w+)*$/;if(JsRegExPatern.test(emailAdd)){isvalidEmail=true;$n(element).html('');}else{va​r element=$n("#youremail").next().next();$n(element).html('<div class="image_error">Please enter valid email address.</div>');isvalidEmail=false;}}}else{var element=$n("#yourname").next().next();$n(element).html('<div class="image_error">This field is required.</div>');isvalidEmail=false;}

I would suggest taking care of those errors first and then seeing how you do. Another thought:

It looks like the admin php and php file that generates a bunch of css code are taking a ton of time—I'm wondering if you increase the memory to PHP and / or WordPress if the problem would resolve itself?

See here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP

RE: 50sec FTTB from 404 & deleted plugin - payetteforward - 06-24-2016 03:05 AM

I bet it's the memory limit thing—but try disabling the WP Quick Buy plugin and see if that fixes it too.

RE: 50sec FTTB from 404 & deleted plugin - strogan - 07-27-2016 06:13 AM

hello, i have same problem but with 117sec loading look please someone