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Webpage test not working for AU region - kakkirala - 08-12-2016 04:29 AM

We were just trying to test an Australian based website (http://www.google.au) by selecting the Sydney based server to do a sanity testing using the webpagetest.org tool today (8/11). We were receiving only "0" KB for the First view and all the other parameters.

we don't the reason for the same. the same website is working fine when we selected "US region" , it is working fine.

the option "Oceanic - Sydney (Servers Australia)" is not working even today (8/15). But the other option "Australia - EC2 (chrome, IE11, Firefox, Safari) is working fine.

All the result parameters are coming as "0000000" Zeros.

is there any specific reason for this issue? can anybody provide a resolution or help us in overcoming this issue ASAP? it is much appreciated

August 18,2016

We observe a new error "Timed out waiting for the browser to start". while connecting from Sydney Server AU region.