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test does not go to the next page - thanatos10 - 09-27-2016 02:33 AM

this is my first time to do a scrip test for webpagetest.
Our site basically is
1. Go to a url and enter a provided pin code
2. enter pin code and submit
3. terms and conditions will be displayed
4. agree on the terms and conditions
5. another page will be loaded with a widget inside an iframe

here's the script so far
Quote:logData 0
// put external share URL
navigate some.url.com

logData 1
// enter pin code
setValue id=field-password somepassword
clickAndWait id=login-submit

logData 2
// click agree button
clickAndWait className=terms-agree btn btn-primary pull-right

seems simple enough, but after the clicking of the agree on the terms and conditions, the test stops there.

appreciate any help.