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how to change browser size globally - sadhikari - 10-21-2016 07:59 AM

Hi Pat,

Is there any settings we can enable to set the default browser size. It currently defaults to 1024x768. I would like to increase this size for my private instance. I'm using webpagetest 2.18.

I found following setting from GITHub. And tried using it my settings.ini but does not seem to be working.

; Default browser dimensions if not specified as part of a test.
; Defaults to the agent default if not specified (1024x768 usually).

I could use setViewportSize but this needs to be set on each test. So I'm reaching out to you to see if there are any other setting.

Thanks in advance.

RE: how to change browser size globally - pmeenan - 10-22-2016 12:28 AM

You probably need to be running a newer server than 2.18 to have the setting (and recent agents). I'll be cutting 2.19 (or 3.0) in a few weeks but ToT is stable and what most systems run.