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tab auth don't work - jtt - 02-20-2017 07:42 AM


I have tried testing a website's performance and my website use usernamne and password. I have tried using the tab auth.

But it doesn't work.

Is there another approach to do?

Thank you

RE: tab auth don't work - rviscomi - 02-22-2017 07:20 PM

I contributed an article to the 2015 perf calendar about authentication that you might find useful: https://calendar.perfplanet.com/2015/using-webpagetest-authentication/. It's an excerpt from my book Using WebPageTest.

To summarize, use scripting like `setValue` and `submitForm` to manipulate the DOM, or `setCookie` to reuse an existing session. Personally, I prefer the cookie approach as it lets you have only one navigation in the test.

The Auth tab on WPT is for HTTP Basic Authentication. The web server needs to support this form of authentication, which it seems it does not.