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Australia Test Froze - straker - 04-11-2017 03:30 AM

I started a test using Australia's server and it never finished. It seems to be stuck on the last 2 runs (I ran 9 as I usually do) and I can't cancel it. It also is holding up the queue so other tests can't run on Australia. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Here's the test: https://www.webpagetest.org/result/170410_68_13PB/

RE: Australia Test Froze - comparethemarket - 04-12-2017 09:15 AM

I noticed this as well but the Oceania Sydney EC2 instance appears to have crashed and isn't showing in the list anymore :-o

RE: Australia Test Froze - comparethemarket - 04-18-2017 09:45 AM

It seems to be back now :-) Yay