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Poor Result - using Cloudflare and MaxCDN - dangkhoa - 09-24-2017 08:25 PM

Hi All,

I am pretty new to optimization and though putting a combination of Cloudflare and MAXCDN with W3 would speed up my site. It still feels a little slow, and the score from Webpagetest in Dulles was not good.

First time Byte F (11 secs)
Cache Static Content F


Here's the site


I see a list of errors in the Static Content field, but not sure how to go about resolving them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


RE: Poor Result - using Cloudflare and MaxCDN - avalanch - 09-27-2017 12:06 PM

Hi, if you try (w3tc) W3 Total Cache, you should see substantial gains.

Also it looks like you have some work to do according to this test.

RE: Poor Result - using Cloudflare and MaxCDN - dfavor - 10-22-2017 06:30 AM

If you actually test speed using W3TC vs. other caching plugins, you'll find W3TC is by far the most complex to setup + one of the slowest.

Instead, try WP Super Cache with one option - enabled - for good speed. You can go one step further + setup mod_redirect caching for more speed.

As for the WPT report link, here's my take.

1) Asset #1 + #2 are hosting problems. Fix - change to high speed hosting.

2) Your site is running HTTP1.1, rather than HTTP2, so switching to HTTP2 will provide highest speed.

3) Asset #19 is a 404, so as soon as this asset is hit, one browser thread is hung for rest of session, which drops site speed by 20%. With HTTP1.1, most browsers use 5 threads, so each hung thread decreases total threads by 20%. Very bad.

Fix - add the dot-dd.gif file to your site (even if you have to create an empty/zero length file) or remove references to this file.

Fix these items + your site will serve pages very fast.

RE: Poor Result - using Cloudflare and MaxCDN - akshayranganath - 10-25-2017 02:10 AM

I'd also recommend that you re-look at your fonts. You have 15 different fonts loading the page and that will delay the rendering. Generally, 3 web fonts are recommended.

And as others have mentioned, you need to fix the first byte issue. You could consider caching the home page for a short TTL on the CDN and avoid the back-end processing time / latency due to origin connectivity.