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Long "DOM Content Loaded" time due to image loading? - cis - 11-23-2017 05:26 PM

Dear all,

for my webpage, "DOM Content Loaded" takes the most of the whole time. Ca. 4,5 seconds. This result is reproducible (see attachment)
(Due to company rules I had to erase the file names for "more anonymity".)

Info: This is an Angular 1.5 single-page website. All JPG-Images are referenced as "background url" in the CSS.

The result is somewhat unclear to me. I have the following questions:
Despite having googled and read something about "DOM Content"-Event, it is still not clear enough what happens here. What exactly is the browser doing and how can I optimize it?

Is the long period of "DOM Content Loaded" somehow related to loading of the images?
I suspect something like that because, on my local test environment, it is much faster. Also, the output of Chrome dev tools (Network/Performance) looks somehow different. Which leads me to my last question:
What's the easiest way to run the Webpage test or something similar on my local development machine for localhost?

Deploying the webpage test on a local server with all test agents doesn't seem so easy a task.