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Navigation Error - jyotiprakash126@gmail.com - 01-31-2019 08:19 PM

For the below script I have 4 steps, step 1 is using for navigation. And Other 3 steps are used for setting the values in the various field (although it is not necessary to set them as events). But as a testing purpose, I am setting them as an event. But on the result page on the other steps report is giving me Navigation Error, although the values which it is need to set is perfectly set. Could someone please make me understand why it is so? (refer screenshot attached)

logData 1
setEventName launchURL
navigate https://testserver/ims/#/login;
logData 1
SetEventName Settingup UserName
execAndWait document.querySelector('#txtUserName').value = 'jyoti'
logData 1
SetEventName Settingup Password
execAndWait document.querySelector('#txtPassword').value = 'test123'
logData 1
SetEventName Settingup FirmName
execAndWait document.querySelector('#txtFirmName').value = 'Test'