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order of downloads - sgoudelis - 09-10-2010 10:12 PM


I would like to ask why do I see a different order of downloads in the waterfall view compared with the order I see locally on my IE7. Locally the order is nearly identical to the order in which assets are included in the page.

Thank you

RE: order of downloads - pmeenan - 09-10-2010 11:08 PM

My guess would be that it has something to do with the speed and latency of your local connection vs. the WebPagetest testers with the higher-latency introducing timing changes in how the page loads.

Are all of the resources from the same domain and of the same type (i.e. images)?

RE: order of downloads - LeptienM - 09-15-2010 04:49 PM

Did you test at webpagetest with IE7 as well? Or was it an IE8 run?
If this is the case, you might see a different order due to this:
Taming IE 8 download order.

Kind regards,