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Error Logon failed for 'user1' - rayqin - 08-19-2009 01:47 PM

hi, i download webpagetest_1_6.zip an unzip.
copy /Web Site/content/ dir to D:\\wamp\www
copy pagetest.dll urlblast.exe urlblast.ini to D:\\wamp\www too.
apache and php setting is OK

then, i modified some setting.
1: loaction.ini
2: urlblast.ini
Log File=d:\wamp\www\log\urlBlast_%MACHINE%

by the way ,my OS is Windows XP sp2 chinese simple

I can run test, but result like this:

Url: http://www.qq.com
From: Test Location

Your web page performance test has been submitted and is now being processed. This page will automatically refresh with the test status as the test continues to run and when the test is complete the final results will be available here.

You can either leave this page open in your browser until the test is complete or come back later and check on the status of the test (the browser does not need to remain open for testing to continue).

So I check the log, and find this:
2009/08/19 11:17:33 -1 3 1 19 0 Info Created user account 'user1'
2009/08/19 11:17:33 -1 3 1 18 0 Error Logon failed for 'user1'

I don't know why, and Can you explian what urlblast.exe do?

RE: Error Logon failed for 'user1' - pmeenan - 08-19-2009 11:55 PM

Are you running urlblast.exe under an admin account? It needs elevated privileges to create the test user accounts and to delete the cache files from their profile directories.

RE: Error Logon failed for 'user1' - derrengreeve - 11-23-2009 08:34 PM

When you log on to a user account on a Windows XP- based computer with drives that are mapped to a Home Folder on a network, the Home Folder may be mapped to the base share instead of the complete path.
Example scenario:
The Home Holder is set to: \\fileServer\share\UserName
The actual mapping that the user receives is \\fileServer\share