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Frankfurt IE7 - No Flash? - Kye - 06-21-2011 08:48 PM

There is, unfortunately, a flash driven sound byte on my home page. The IE 7 on the Frankfurt server does not download the 4 swf elements for this. Falsely decreasing the page load time.

Is it suppose to be off on this browser? Flash is enabled on the ie8 instance.

RE: Frankfurt IE7 - No Flash? - pmeenan - 06-21-2011 11:06 PM

Thanks, it's supposed to be installed but it looks like it is missing from that agent. I'll reach out to the partner hosting the location and have them install it.

RE: Frankfurt IE7 - No Flash? - pmeenan - 06-22-2011 04:03 AM

ok, the Frankfurt location is all fixed up with flash now. Thanks for pointing it out: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/110621_Q7_WK7F/1/screen_shot/

RE: Frankfurt IE7 - No Flash? - Kye - 06-22-2011 07:51 PM

Thank you.