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Low first to byte time
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Low first to byte time
02-16-2012, 01:12 AM
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Low first to byte time
Results for NEW site (dedicated hosting):

This is pretty good how it was, 13 sec, before.

I noticed around 3.80 FBT
I checked my wordpress site, with debug queries, and I got surprising result, 13500 queries ?!?!!??

How is that possible, how can I know which plugin cause this, what is reason, I can give you all plugins that I have, I'm now making test site with same theme, and plugins:

I even made backup of old site that I was transfering to new hosting (from shared to dedicated), this is backup on shared hosting, testing:

Well I don't care about load time and etc, except first to byte time, which is great, if I get any closer with new one to that 1sec. And there are 62 queries, 18 active plugins ...

How on the world did it get to 13.500 queries with 21 plugins, and from those 21, its like 13 same as old backup site.
Difference is new theme (adds up 5-10 queries), I can live with that.

When I add as much widgets on side, I got to 120 queries max !

Old database = 58 MB
New database = 18 MB

What I did? I made export - import to new database, reinstalled plugins that I wanted rather than whole database backup.
Installed fresh, new WP, and that was basically it. Site is smaller, new, WP up to date, plugins up to date (old one would crash if I tried to update 10 plugins that were out of date ...)

Please help me solve this.
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