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"D" and "F" grades on "First Byte Time" (Site times out over 50% of the time)
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"D" and "F" grades on "First Byte Time" (Site times out over 50% of the time)
10-22-2012, 10:48 AM
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"D" and "F" grades on "First Byte Time" (Site times out over 50% of the time)
My wordpress site has been consistently getting an F/D on "First Byte Time." Over 50% of the time, the server times out without returning any content. Any help is appreciated!

Btw, with the help of your test and suggestions on this forum, the "cache static content" result has gone from D to A Smile

A few things to note:
- Site is using latest WP and currently in Beta version (this problem is delaying the release)

- Some of the main plugins in use: W3TC, WP-DB Manager (Db tables are optimized), Next Gen for pic gallery, Better WP Security (I have tried to configure the plugins as best as possible, but I am new to WP world, although otherwise been with Unix/Linux world for a while)

- Site is hosted with Godaddy, and the non-WP version ( responds instantly which is also on the same server (i.e. does this absolve them from being the culprit on the late return on the "First Byte Time"?)

- I am using a 3rd party commercial theme, which can be optimized more but doesn't seem to be the entire culprit as others are also using it and haven't seen "mass complains about slow site"

1. Why is there a "301 redirect" for the site root page - I don't see any "301" configured in any of the .htaccess or any other main config files (did several greps from Unix CLI). Could this be the reason for the initial "First Byte Time" delay?

(Note: In have been trying to set a redirect using godaddy's GUI from to but it has not worked. I have removed any misconfiguration from the .htaccess at the root and can't "grep" any 301's in any of the .htaccess anywhere)

I don't understand what it means to "minimize redirects" (which are only for videos on Youtube). What is the course of action for these? The URL's are shown in pair. I have added "www" to the URL of one of the videos, but after running test, still see it. So, I guess I am not sure what is expected course of action for fixing this ?

thanks for the help!

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