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Link to showslow result not correct
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Link to showslow result not correct
08-01-2011, 08:24 AM
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Link to showslow result not correct
On the webpagetest test result screen, there is a link called "See in ShowSlow" which points to: http://hostname/showslow/beacon/yslow/details/?

this URL should not point to "../showslow/beacon/yslow/details/?..." but to "../showslow/details?..." (also notice removal of the forward slash in front of the question mark)

To correct this, add a parameter to settings.ini (I called it "showslowbase") and put in the path to the showslow base location. For example:

;showslow beacon

;showslow base

Then, in, change line 102:


echo '<br><a href="'.$settings['showslow'].'/details/?url='.urlencode(FixUrlSlash($url)).'#webpagetest' . '">See in ShowSlow</a>';


echo '<br><a href="'.$settings['showslowbase'].'/details?url='.urlencode(FixUrlSlash($url)).'#webpagetest' . '">See in ShowSlow</a>';
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