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Help Improving Page Performance
01-03-2014, 05:41 AM
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RE: Help Improving Page Performance
+1 to most of what was already discussed. Looks like the images from are really slow to respond. Do you own those or is that a 3rd-party? If it's a 3rd-party, see if you can lean on them. The listing images are very long-tail and probably won't benefit from a CDN much and really just need to be able to be served really quickly.

As far as the back-end goes, 500ms is pretty quick but making the code faster will make it scale better as well as be faster for users. I expect that for the listing pages you will have the same issues that the image serving has where it's a really long tail and most caches will be useless (data caches, not opcode which will be useful). Do you control the database for querying the listings or do you make a back-end call out to another service? My money is on that being the slowest piece.

I've used buth xdebug and NewRelic on WebPagetest itself. I'm pretty sure NewRelic isn't built on top of xdebug but how it interfaces with php is probably pretty similar. It's meant for running in production and is very lightweight (I'm regularly running 300-500 full php requests per second through the single WPT server without issues).
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