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PageSpeed Minification Pecentages Miscalculated
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PageSpeed Minification Pecentages Miscalculated
05-10-2014, 01:48 AM
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PageSpeed Minification Pecentages Miscalculated
It looks like PageSpeed is miscalculated the percent reduction for the JS Minify task.

I set up a small web page that loaded jquery 1.10.2 (non-minified) as a test.

Here's the result from WPT:
Minifying could save 38.8KiB (15% reduction) after compression.

Here's the result using the current version of the PageSpeed Chrome extension:
Minifying could save 38.8KiB (50% reduction) after compression.

As a control I hit both the non minified and minified versions hosted on google (gzip compressed) and looked at the sizes via Fiddler: (Gzip, not-minified): 79.2KiB (Gzip, minified): 32 KiB
Reduction: 47 KiB (60%)

So the Chrome extension version seems much more accurate, I'm guessing the remaining difference is due to various differences in the gzip and/or minfication algorithms used.

Is this just a matter of updating the PageSpeed version in WPT or am I missing something?

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