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Result variations on different files
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Result variations on different files
05-15-2014, 10:42 PM
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Result variations on different files
I am developing a new template for mobile and created a test file using only the header and footer. i.e.. Master template. Every time I run the test, I get different results that vary by 300% or more. It generally is 2 or 3 files that push the results out. I am speaking about the time to finish loading the page. i.e.. Your blue line. Not the script files that load after that, although I will deal with them too. Here are some results:

Waterfall Performance Test = 9.735s for First View and 0.417s for repeat view. // Note: This test is does NOT seem to be accurate, as it will hang up on connecting on some of the files. In fact, /hide-show-content.js is what pushed it out to 9 seconds. Rerun the test and First View = 3.76 Seconds with /hide-show-content.js only taking 195 ms (milli seconds - 0.195 seconds) and horizontal.gif (a .4kb file pushing it out to over 3 seconds. Allowing for this, it looks like it takes about 2.5 seconds to load the page, which I question since this is a small file (about 200kb). Here is an example result: Notice the files #5, #8, #24 are out of balance. If I run the test again, these files will be normal and 2 or 3 others will be out of balance.

At first I thought it might be a connection problem with our server, even though it is a dedicated server and it should be quite fast. I tried another waterfall test on another site and did not get this behavior. To simplify the test better, I guess I could get rid of all the JavaScript and try it again, but it is NOT the timing that bothers me. It is the lack of consistency and the variations in the delays that should really not be happening. Thanks for any insight. Great site, by the way.
p.s. I am aware that I have Keep Alive off for the time being.
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