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NEED HELP :( Caching looks working properly, but repeat view has almost same result
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NEED HELP :( Caching looks working properly, but repeat view has almost same result
07-03-2014, 11:35 AM
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Lightbulb NEED HELP :( Caching looks working properly, but repeat view has almost same result
As my thread title, I need your help to observe whats wrong with my website regarding my test result
I have already doing 3 test, for my main website, mobile version of my site, and my competitor site.
Main website test result:
Mobile version:
Competitor result:

1. Mobile site use href image from main site
2. Mobile site use almost same file with main site. Some js and module are not activated
3. Mobile site use same .htaccess as main site
4. Mobile site hosted in same vps located in Indonesia, only IP is different
5. Most visitor coming from Indonesia

1. Why mobile test result show better TTFB even hosted in same vps?
2. Why request of repeat view main site has same value, while mobile site request repeat view is less than its first view
3. How to move start rendering site earlier?
4. What is the meaningnof progressive image?
5. Competitor site has much better time for repeat view, I think its because small value of request, even overall score is bad. How do you think?

Hope for your responds

Best Regards,



<ifModule mod_headers.c>
Header set Connection keep-alive

# force utf-8 for a number of file formats
AddDefaultCharset utf-8

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^artikel\.html$ media.php?module=artikel&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^tentang-kami\.html$ media.php?module=tentangkami&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^konfirmasi\.html$ media.php?module=konfirmasi&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^tanya-jawab-pelanggan\.html$ media.php?module=tanyajawab&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^cara-order\.html$ media.php?module=caraorder&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^keranjang-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=keranjangbelanja&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^lupa-password\.html$ media.php?module=lupapassword [L]
RewriteRule ^news\.html$ media.php?module=news&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^cara-pembayaran-transfer\.html$ media.php?module=carapembayaran&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^kontak-kami\.html$ media.php?module=kontakkami&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^produk-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=detailproduk&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^rangeharga1\.html$ media.php?module=rangeharga&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^rangeharga2\.html$ media.php?module=rangeharga2&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^rangeharga3\.html$ media.php?module=rangeharga3&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^rangeharga4\.html$ media.php?module=rangeharga4&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^rangeharga5\.html$ media.php?module=rangeharga5&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^kategori-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=kategoriproduk&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^halkategori-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=kategoriproduk&id=$1&halkategori=$2 [L]
RewriteRule ^subkategori-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=subkategoriproduk&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^halsubkategori-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=subkategoriproduk&id=$1&halsubkategori=$2 [L]
RewriteRule ^checkout\.html$ media.php?module=simpanorderan&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^cek-orderan\.html$ media.php?module=cekorderan&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^hasil-pencarian\.html$ media.php?module=hasilcari&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^selesai-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=selesaibelanja&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^simpan-transaksi\.html$ media.php?module=simpantransaksi&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^simpan-transaksi-member\.html$ media.php?module=simpantransaksimember&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^peluang-usaha\.html$ media.php?module=peluangusaha&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^sitemap\.html$ media.php?module=sitemap&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^kirim-kontak\.html$ media.php?module=aksikontakkami&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^kirim-konfirmasi\.html$ media.php?module=aksikonfirmasi&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^halartikel-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=semuaartikel&halberita=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^kategoriartikel-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=detailkategoriartikel&id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^halkategoriartikel-([0-9]+)-(.*)\.html$ media.php?module=detailkategoriartikel&id=$1&halkategoriartikel=$2 [L]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^tanahabangbusana\.com$
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^$ media.php?module=halamanutama [L]

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript M604800
ExpiresByType text/css M604800
ExpiresByType text/javascript M604800
ExpiresByType text/html M604800
ExpiresByType image/x-icon A2592000
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/png "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/pdf "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access 1 month"
ExpiresDefault "access 7 days"

#Begin gzip and deflate
<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/css application/x-javascript text/plain text/xml

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \.(?:gif|jpe?g|png)$ \
no-gzip dont-vary
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \
\.(?:exe|t?gz|zip|bz2|sit|rar)$ \
no-gzip dont-vary
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \.pdf$ no-gzip dont-vary

ErrorDocument 404 /404/notfound.html

Options All -Indexes
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