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Can't Get IE 10 Agent To Work (Register)
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Can't Get IE 10 Agent To Work (Register)
07-22-2014, 04:54 PM
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Can't Get IE 10 Agent To Work (Register)
I am setting up WPT server and test agents on AWS EC2.

For the server, I have been following the tutorial/walkthrough here:

I then tried to use the following AMIs for the agents (from, I am running both server and agents on US West - California):
IE10/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2014, wptdriver only) - ami-9aa4c9aa
IE11/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2014, wptdriver only) - ami-82a4c9b2

I couldn't get the IE11 AMI to work at all - after it spins up, no agents ever connect to the server, and when I RDC into it, it always display the following error: "error loading settings from wptdriver.ini". It only works if I stop the WPTDriver window and restart it. But that would only register the FF and Chrome agents, never IE11.

I have better success with the IE10 AMI. FF and Chrome actually registers itself correctly, and I haven't seen the "error loading settings from wptdriver.ini" error yet. However, the IE10 agent doesn't register itself at all, so I cannot run any tests using IE.

My locations.ini file is as follows:
label="US West (California)"

label="US West (California)"

browser=IE 10
label="US West (California) - IE 10"

label="US West (California)"

The user data I pass into the IE10 AMI is: wpt_location=US_West

I have also attached screen grabs from my: /install and /getLocations.php

I think I must have mis-configured something - either my locations.ini or my user data, but I cannot figure it out.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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