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Reducing TTFB
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Reducing TTFB
03-22-2015, 07:57 AM
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Reducing TTFB
I've ran a traceroute which indicates my ping to the server is about 7ms.

I've also ran a webpagetest:


As you can see the TTFB is 82-85ms for static files, this seems quite high to me considering the network latency is only 7ms.

Is there anything I can do to bring this down? My server runs on Ubuntu 14.10 with Apache 2.4.12 (event worker)
Hostnamelookups are turned off and MMAP and sendfile are turned on.
I've also enabled the disk cache, but I'm not sure if its working properly.

In the 2nd test you can see that when running a php script the TTFB increases by about 20ms over the 82-85ms. I suppose this only a little increase which is to be expected since the page has to be created dynamically?

Is there anything I can do to optimize the TTFB for dynamic files?
I'm already using FPM/FastCGI (UNIX sockets for the connection) and have the latest PHP 5.6 with the opcache.
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