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What is holding up First Byte
06-10-2015, 01:07 AM
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RE: What is holding up First Byte
What changes have you tried?
My guess is that the sheer complexity of the page is causing a wave of database queries. Here's some areas to look into and see what you find.

Database performance tuning.
Commit your entire DB to RAM. You will have to check your MySQL config and you might need to add ram to your server to accomplish this.
Log slow queries and consider hiring someone to tune the database setup if you don't have the expertise yourself.
Consider using MariaDB (drop-in replacement for MySQL) for a possible performance increase
Experiment with different types of php opcode caches and compare notes: xcache, eaccelerator, APC, memcache.

Other things, not related to TTFB but I would still reccomend to make the site rip...

Reduce the number of objects on your landing page(s)
You have 150 objects on your main page. Simplify this at a front end level as much as you can. Consider consulting with an ecommerce conversion expert on this. It will most likely reap benefits from a UX POV as well as giving mobile users especially a better experience.
Image optimization...lots of pngs there that are larger than their jpg counterparts
Leverage Nginx+SSL+SPDY for an improvement in performance. Spdy allows multiple objects to be downloaded from a single request, but it cannot be done without SSL.

In short, I'd drop incapsula and go with cloudflare pro. Heres' my Rationale
Mirage will take care of image optimization, on the fly, per users device and connection type. Incapsula compresses image, but it's not connection/device aware
You can setup Nginx+SSL+Spdy with the click of a slider button
Of course you have the other benefits of minification of css and html too
In cloudflare create page rules for aggressive caching of pages that are not very dynamic in content.
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