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Slow website, but super optimized - DOM elements or hosting?
09-07-2015, 11:50 AM (This post was last modified: 09-07-2015 12:22 PM by jrothrock14.)
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RE: Slow website, but super optimized - DOM elements or hosting?
@WebsiteSpeedExperts: They are slightly different files - someone, for whatever reason, decided to just make them 40 characters long and change 1-2 characters halfway in the middle Tongue

@dfavor: I haven't pointed the domain to the IP that's on the VPS yet - and I don't believe I have access to the php.ini, nginx.conf, or my.cnf on the wp hosting. Here's the latest test from the I.P - This is once everything has cached. I'm currently using wp-rocket, and it's absolutely amazing.

I've tried using APC, and Fastcgi cache, and they honestly just interfere with wp-rocket. Varnish doesn't really help or hurt wp-rocket. Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, after Googling around, I've read in multiple place that increasing the amount of connections in Nginx helps, but I saw that this actually hurt the TTFB's, have you noticed this in your case? I've tweaked some of the buffers in Mysql, and Nginx too - but really haven't seen a vast improvement.

I'm using a 2 core 4gb ram SSD VPS, and didn't see that I was really pressing the memory - I did a swap just incase.

I increased it to a 4 core, just to test it, but didn't see a significant improvement.

Before it's cached, however, this is what I'm looking at

It's ugly. The CPU utilization looks really low, bandwidth doesn't really peak. Is this just from the sheer amount of requests?

I can really just keep things cached, so it's not terribly worrying, but I do run into a sticky situation for the mobile version, unless I build a mobile subdomain and redirect all mobile traffic there. I've also been tempted to create a subdomain, stick all the static files on there, and create a "shard/CDN" network that way.

I have looked into the tuner, but haven't used it yet. Definitely gonna tinker with that this week.

I'm gonna test OPcache and see what effects it has as well.

Thank you for the in depth response!
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