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Can't get video capture working
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Can't get video capture working
09-10-2015, 12:17 AM
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Can't get video capture working
I'm using a private instance of WPT running in an Ubuntu VM and a Nexus 5, and I'm trying to get video capture to work so that I can get speed index working.

It's enabled; this is the command I'm using to start the agent:

./ --browser android:0cfe40ea1408275a --serverUrl http://localhost:80/ --location Nexus5 --processvideo yes

However, I'm getting this error in the output:

I Sep_07_12:27:11.202 wd_server.js:1300 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Video processing error: python lib/video/ -i runtmp/0cfe40ea1408275a/video.mp4 -d runtmp/0cfe40ea1408275a/video --orange --viewport --force --quality 75 --histogram runtmp/0cfe40ea1408275a/histograms.json --timeline runtmp/0cfe40ea1408275a/trace.json failed, code 1, stderr[210] CRITICAL:root:Error extracting the video frames from /home/vagrant/wpt/agent/js/runtmp/0cfe40ea1408275a/video.mp4

What could be causing this and how can I fix it?

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