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Unrealistic performance at beginning of agent start (EC2)
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Unrealistic performance at beginning of agent start (EC2)
11-10-2016, 03:29 AM
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Unrealistic performance at beginning of agent start (EC2)
Hey Patrick -

I'm using the EC2 autoscale feature to keep costs down (since I only run tests a few hours a day), and I've noticed an unwelcome trend - it seems that the first few tests that run on any agent after it boots are extremely inaccurate. Load times can be as much as 4x slower, and if you look at the waterfall it appears the browser simply halts loading the page for several seconds.

Here's an example of the same url, run first at the beginning of the queue, and again at the end of the queue (only a few minutes apart, all settings and content the same). I have confirmed this is consistent behavior, happening every day for weeks since I set it up, and on different urls too. If you want more examples I have plenty.

I'm guessing that the agent is doing something in the background after it starts up the browser. Could it be that the EC2 images are so old that they're churning trying to update themselves to the latest code and browser?

Any suggestions other than keeping the agents always running, or throwing away the first X minutes of testing?

Thanks so much,
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