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Fast page considerably slower since mid Dec
02-06-2017, 11:48 PM
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RE: Fast page considerably slower since mid Dec
In the iPhone case the change is due to the HTTPS negotiation for the base page now doing OCSP validation checks where it wasn't before (which is what Andy mentioned also). Here are the two tests next to each other:

Did you recently move to an EV Certificate where you weren't using one before or were you possibly using OCSP Stapling before and are no longer? The current certificate is definitely EV and it looks like the certificate itself was issued close to a year ago so I'd be more inclined to think it was server config issues with stapling:

Unfortunately I can't see if the old tests had stapled certificates.

Firefox in theory could be the same or a similar issue because the delay is also right where certificates would be validated but I'd expect to see the certificate checks if that were the case (like we see with iPhone). If you can reproduce the Firefox slowness with tcpdump enabled (either on the public instance or on Speed Curve) then that would prove for sure one way or another.

As far as it being something on the machine, it could just be some decisions the browser is making but usually when there are big gaps with no CPU and no Bandwidth it is a machine issue but certificate validations if they aren't exposed in the waterfall could also cause the same behavior.
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