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SSL handshake repeats during Web Page Test
06-12-2018, 02:40 AM
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RE: SSL handshake repeats during Web Page Test
(06-11-2018 02:09 AM)dfavor Wrote:  A very peculiar waterfall.

Just looking at the top of the waterfall...

#1 + #2 - external OSCP sites get hit.

#3 + #4 - show some assets being hit prior to the HTML component (#5) completing.

All the other SSL handshake (as Patrick mentioned) get hit when any offsite reference occurs.

I'd start by removing NGINX from the mix + get your Apache + HTTP2 working correctly, as HTTP2 is off for this site.

Also, check your SSL setup at the Apache level.

Once all's well, then try running NGINX on another port + get it's config working before inserting it again.

Maybe this waterfall signature is an artifact of recent NGINX versions.

Looks like you're running NGNIX-1.8.1 + other recent WPT pages show a similar waterfall... like...

Which is also running NGINX with no version number exposed.

Notice with this other WPT report...

#1 + #2 - external OSCP sites get hit, same as your waterfall.

Contrast this to a random WordPress site running straight Apache with a highly optimized HTTP2 TLS stack + optimized assets...

Very different waterfall.

Just looks... a bit odd...

Hi dfavor
#3 is actually our main content download.
Also we are set up for HTTP/2. You can confirm this by entering the site at
Getting off NGINX is not a decision we can take lightly. Do you have some more info/references on why Apache+http/2 is better than nginx+http/2?
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