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LIGHTHOUSE? The confusion is complete!
11-21-2018, 11:56 AM
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RE: LIGHTHOUSE? The confusion is complete!
For me the same. I feel with you.

BTW: The argument that score is not related to speed is kind of strange. At least for me "score" it's a way to describe how well a page load would work under even worse user related conditions like a very slow mobile connection. This cannot be mapped to time because there are lots of load times for one and the same page under complete distinct conditions.

For me both PSI and WPT are messed up at the moment. I see numbers which are simply not true. E. g. look at this result:
[Image: connct-after-render.png]

I mean: if I interpret the chart right then the server connect happend after start render - cool, never seen before Wink

Also PSI performs very strange things. ATF-content, completely delivered within the first 14 kB of a page and instantly shown in browsers (even slow mobile), lets PSI say now: both "start render" and "speed index" happen after 5.7 sec which is simply wrong. Moreover, the page is instantly interactive, scrollable and clickable.
It is a test page, yes. I wanted to demonstrate by means of this page that even if the HTML download is still going on the ATF content will render instantly (well, after having received the first roundtrip's data).
This was interpreted completely the way you'd expect before - until Lighthouse came into play and WPT got some updates recently (results see above).

There are more like bugs in PSI-Lighthouse. On the Desktop Tab the "lab data" are talking about an "emulated 3G" device ... but values differ, compared to mobile tab. Pffff ....

Lighthouse seems not to recognize the "font-display" attribute and treats web fonts always like render blocking.

So: the confusion is complete?! At least on my side it also kind of tends to go there Big Grin

I really wonder how Google managed to mess up the only 2 tools I use at the same time. I mean: this looks like Beta stuff, beyond the nerd aspect. The old PSI had 10 criteria only and was a really simple tool compared to Lighthouse. Will this even more complicated software turn the web into a faster one? I'm afraid, the only thing that goes faster here is people running away and give up even faster.
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