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What means the light part of the bar?
12-22-2018, 12:06 AM
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RE: What means the light part of the bar?
Each TCP packet is ~1400 bytes of data. There is no way to send all of the HTML in one "packet". There is tcp slow start which ramps up the number of packets in-flight and setting a higher initial congestion window can send more on the initial burst (it used to be 2-4 and more recently 10 packets is the general guidance). That needs to be done on the server (at the OS level, not Apache).

It could also be the application if the page isn't completely generated before responding. Early flushing of the HTML is a common practice to help boost performance by sending the headers and HTML head while slower back-end queries happen and then send the rest. Hard to say if that's the case here without knowing the app better.

The data flow is also going to depend on what else is going on in the waterfall at the time since all of the connections share the same pipe. In this case there are the SSL certificates and javascript downloading for request #9 that will contend for bandwidth with the HTML.
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