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What means the light part of the bar?
12-22-2018, 05:42 AM
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RE: What means the light part of the bar?
I don't think you can tune initcwnd in Windows 2000:

All browsers open several connections to the same server so they can request multiple resources concurrently, otherwise you'd have to wait for the request/response latency for each one serially and the connection would spend most of the time idle (but yes, each new connection needs to pay the slow-start penalty). With HTTP/2 (only available with HTTPS) the requests can be multiplexed over a single connection and browsers can fetch all of the content concurrently (and the server sends it back in priority order).

The DNS time variations probably come down to what the TTL is on the DNS records if they are cached by the ISP or if it has to go back to the authoritative server.

Honestly, I think your best option without completely changing the hosting is to just sign up for a free Cloudflare account and put your site behind their CDN: (or any other CDN but given the age of the hosting I'm assuming you aren't looking to throw a lot of money at it).

Any CDN has already tuned the initcwnd and will be much closer to the browser which makes the RTT's much faster as well. It looks like most of the images are also cacheable so they can cache and serve them directly from the edge without ever going back to your origin.

If you want to do it yourself then your best option is a modern Linux box of some kind in front of the win2k server.
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