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6.322s to Start Render! Why So Long?
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6.322s to Start Render! Why So Long?
03-03-2010, 09:16 AM
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6.322s to Start Render! Why So Long?
Excellent tool. I ran it on our home page at

Here is the results:

When I look at the waterfall in detail, I see that it took 6.322s to Start Render.
First there is about a 2 second Time To First Byte for the main page.
Then it has to fetch 4 .css stylesheets and 5 .js javascript files.
One file doesn't start until the other finishes. Why do they all have to occur serially?

This is a wordpress blog hosted on Yahoo. Various plugins have their own style-sheets and javascript. I see the recommendation to combine .css in one file and .js in one file. Is this possible with wordpress? We didn't write the code, only installed it and activated various plugins and widgets.

Also, I don't know if Keep-Alive is turned on. Would that eliminate the Initial Connection latency (orange)? How to turn on Keep-Alive when webhost is Yahoo webhosting. I don't think I can modify an Apache config file or anything. I only have ftp access to the host computer.

I would like to at least get to the green line (Time to First Byte) quicker.
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