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Why such a wide difference in results?
06-25-2010, 05:11 AM (This post was last modified: 06-25-2010 05:12 AM by jarrod1937.)
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RE: Why such a wide difference in results?
The variations in the other test sites could be from their location from your server. But more than likely, due to the wide range of times, they're probably testing at different internet speeds. The default test is dulles va at 1.5 Mb dsl, the other sites are probably using faster connection speeds which can be misleading unless your site is visited only by the elite of the internet ;-)
Looking at the results of your site:

The first, and biggest thing you need to do is make sure keep-alive is enabled and have it set at a reasonable time. Otherwise you'll see, as your site currently is, each request requires a new connection to be made, which can greatly delay a page. Your repeat view shows you don't have any of the correct caching headers set, causing even the repeat view to be just as slow as your first view. Proper caching headers will prevent the browser from having to send a conditional request and the server from sending a 304 (not modified) response. You also have 9 .css files loading, if you can combine these into as few as possible css files, preferably one. Along with this you also have 7 requests that are, for whatever reason, going over an ssl connection. Ssl connections are quite expensive and should be avoided if possible. You should also look into css sprites, counting just by eye i can see 12 requests that can be eliminated.
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