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How can I translate what all this means?
08-28-2010, 11:45 AM
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RE: How can I translate what all this means?

Thanks for the quick and useful response. That is, all of it my lame brain could absorb. I'm somewhat reluctant to merge the CSS and JS files, since this is a DNN Portal, but I will consider all I can to merge and cut them out completely. I don't know if you're a DNN guy, but maybe you could answer this question for me?

1. What the heck are all the .js files doing there? This (like you said) and the .CSS files must be slowing things down. Guess I should be asking the guys at PowerDNN right?

2. I just read a bit about js compression and how it zips your js files. I will ask them to enable it in IIS and I will ask them why there are so many js files? Do you have any idea?

3. I'm not sure what you mean by using image sprites. I always thought if the image was tiny in size that was a good thing, but after seeing all of thes requests, I'm thinking this is way too many requests? What's a sprite and can I change .png, .gif, .jpg files to support sprites?

4. Finally, what does "CDN to reduce the latency for the remaining requests" mean? I'm not sure what latency is, and not sure how a CDN can be helpful - can you elaborate on that?

5. Question: If I have CSS files in the portal that the site is not necessarily using, are they still being loaded? DNN has a skin.css, a portal.css, and a default.css on every portal. In addition, I have some skins loaded under the root that are not utilized by the portal, but they are there in case I wanted to use them later. Are they being read and are they slowing down the site (potentially)?

I'm very grateful for your help Pat

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