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Cache static
11-23-2010, 12:44 AM
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RE: Cache static
Thank you Pat!
I tried to lower it to 1 year and this is the result:
it seems, that again CloudFront instructs the browser to revalidate.
I am little confused, because when I look 1st view of webpagetest it tells me in Optimization checklist, that caching of static objects is done, but in second view all files from the CDN are in red and No max expires notice.
I don't use S3. I can't access the files on the cloudfront, because they are pulled from CloudFront with Custom Origin, so the solution to upload them by hand with tool with custom header is something that can't help.
I use for now CloudFront because I want the files to be closer to my country - Bulgaria. The other origin based CDNs that you talk about can be fast to Bulgarian users too? I can test and if there is not initial tax, but pay as you use, I can use them. CloudFront don't ask me for money in the beginning of the usage, so it's easy to test them Smile
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