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runtest.php Returning Blank Content
11-01-2011, 04:46 AM
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Brick RE: runtest.php Returning Blank Content
I figured this out. It's actually a bug in WebPageTest.

I was building a fresh install of Apache and PHP 5.3 for WebPageTest, including only the modules that WPT needs to run. Following the directions listed here: I only turned on gd and curl.

I traced out the error to gz_file_put_contents() inside of In here there is a call to gzopen(), which is part of the zlib module. The zlib module is not included in PHP by default, and since it wasn't listed as a dependency I didn't built it.

It looks like this has come up before -- someone added "nogzip" to settings.ini, but it's commented out by default. (I could have uncommented this and set it to 0 to get around this.) The line where it was actually halting is:

$zip = gzopen("$filename.gz", 'wb9');

It's halting because gzopen is only there if the zlib module is built and enabled. (Why it wasn't returning an error to the console I'm not sure and didn't take the time to dig into it.)

The "bug" here is that zlib is a dependency and isn't listed in the docs. Smile

I have attached a patch to this post that fixes this issue -- in addition to making sure nogzip is not enabled in settings.ini it also makes sure that the zlib module is enabled before trying to use it.

The "easy" thing to do is just list zlib as a dependancy.

What I chose to do is just rebuild PHP to include zlib since there are other benefits as well, but figured I'd reply back here in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Thanks for the awesome tool!

- Matt

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