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Ultimate Wordpress Caching (not for the non-programmers)
02-03-2012, 04:55 AM
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RE: Ultimate Wordpress Caching (not for the non-programmers)
(02-01-2012 05:27 AM)Marvin Wrote:  Would a person need to be logged in to post a comment? If yes, you could (if it would be easier to implement) serve cached pages only to non-logged in guests, and serve fresh content only to those who are logged in.

yes, the live functions get defeated easily with caches.
I worked on this for a while, and used two systems to decide to feed out cached pages.
I use a php based caching, simlar to OP.

1. all comments are moderated, no need to login to post. so the "live" response is not so important. (mine is an ecommerce wordpress site, interaction goes TO my office mostly, to do biz)
2. I serve cached pages to non-logged in users, based on cookie. If more than 3 pages viewed I serve live. (they have many objects already in cache... usually) )note: i have since bypassed this step, but it's useful for some.
3. I use a cron job to delete files over 1 hour old rather than check live if cachefile is expired (faster). )this subbed in for the cookie check.
4. to solve issues with comments post, it's easy to have the comments.php page set the visitor cookie to a value of 10, for example, so that on post, page refreshes live, and they continue to view live forwards. -- or you can live with a one hour lag on comments going live... depends on the job.
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