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WebPagetest vs. Keynote TxP/IE9 measurements
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WebPagetest vs. Keynote TxP/IE9 measurements
04-03-2013, 06:24 AM
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WebPagetest vs. Keynote TxP/IE9 measurements

We are current users of the Keynote product; running an IE9 Transaction Perspective (TxP) test against our Home Page, and using their "Time to Interactive Page" value for comparison with competitors. The tests are against the backbone, so should be reporting the best possible response time.

What we are observing, in comparing WebPagetest against the Keynote tests at the same bandwidth (backbone), and using the WPT IE9 browser selection, is that while WPT is reporting the Load Time/Time to Interactive Page to be an average of under 2 seconds, the Keynote TxP test is showing an average of over 3 seconds.

What I see in the Keynote waterfall graphs is that there appear to be a number of "delays" in the activity for which I can see no obvious reason. Those delays are not occurring in the WPT tests.

We've opened a support case with Keynote to try to determine the reason for the delays, and they are questioning whether WPT is actually using the IE9 browser to perform the tests.

What can you tell me about WPT's use of IE9, and how you would expect it to compare with Keynote's TxP tests?

Larry Rosenberg
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