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What next???
07-01-2013, 11:25 PM
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RE: What next???
I've only had a quick look, but your TTFB are quite big. for the initial page the ttfb is more than 3 times the time to download the content.

I can see you're using nginx and php, so i'd have a look at the php configuration for a start, but more worrying for me is the TTFB off your static server. If these are truly static assets that you are reading off the disc, they should be served very quickly unless some rewrite logic is being fired (in which case review it), or the disc that the assets are stored on is slow, or if you don't have enough CPU to manage the NIC (you need to allow enough CPU to manage the interrupts from the NIC as well as the OS, web server and the application stack), especially if you are using SAN storage rather than local disc.

If you cant touch the app, take a look at implementing a varnish cache tier, and give it plenty of RAM.

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