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Start render time slower in repeat view - Chrome
11-21-2013, 07:11 AM
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RE: Start render time slower in repeat view - Chrome
There is nothing wrong. The start render is ambiguous. The visual progress and visually complete is much more important.

Overall your site is pretty quick. You've done a good job so far.

On the repeat view the Browser already knows what is coming and what is needed to begin rendering. On a first view the Browser will start with some preliminary rendering as soon as the HTML is received. Quite often the Browser will have to re-start rendering based on the responses to subsequent requests.

Notice on the first view the DOM is loaded AFTER start render. On the repeat view the DOM is loaded BEFORE start render.

Visual Progress may be a better indicator although I do not see that in your JSON results ( ) probably because you chose Chrome. I use IE assuming it will be a slower worst case result.

Your results do show an attribute "VisuallyComplete" for each frame_000XX.jpg which from a users perspective would be most important.

Also you have 37 CSS Errors. This can slow down the first view as the Browser works to attempt to deal with the errors.

Only use border radius if absolutely necessary. It slows the page render time. Same goes for gradients.

You use a transitional doctype, always use strict. Strict has fewer rules for the Browser and will load the DOM faster. You should use XHTML Basic 1.1. if possible.

Also you should be compressing the HTML with gzip encoding. In your PHP add


as the first command. this will give you buffering and gzip compression and should reduce
Then after the HTML </HEAD> is transmitted put an


This may improve your Time to First Byte

You are not caching the HTML if it does not cause operational issues add

header('Cache-Control: max-age=XXXX');

right after the ob_start. XXXX= the number of seconds to cache.

Your index.php creates the HTML with 26% White Space increasing your transmission time by 33%

You should be able to get your TTFB down to 200mS

The Plugrush 2oqt widget may be causing issues. On the first view it my be causing a re-start on the rendering. If you can position it before the images that may help.

You may want to add 7 more sub-domains for your images, e.g img2. - img8.extraxxx
The browser can only load 6 images simultaneously from img1. so you have some serious blocking going on. With 8 you the Browser can load 48 images simultaneously. The Bandwidth is then the bottleneck rather tan blocking.

There are faster Hosting Services. Yours is somewhat slow at 200 Kbyte/sec. I like to see at least 1MByte/sec. For reference Google transmits at about 6MByte/sec.
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