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WPEngine TTFB problem
09-10-2014, 03:50 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2014 03:54 AM by dfavor.)
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RE: WPEngine TTFB problem
There are several possible culprits. I've seen this over + over with clients who have left WPEngine to work with me.

Unfortunately, since WPEngine is a black box, some of this an only be fixed by leaving them.

Here are the culprits in order of precedence + which ones you can change.

1) Test raw file speed. Here's how

Create an empty foo.html file in your root wordpress directory + run a WPT test.

This will tell you how well the Operating System + File System is tuned. This test should run at subsecond speed. If not, you'll either have to leave WPEngine or open a ticket with them to tune their OS + Filesystem.

2) Have WPEngine provide you with an XPROF graph of your site.

On any sane system, you could do this yourself. Not WPEngine, it's a black box.

Once you have the graph you can see the bottlenecks, which will tell you if your speed problem relates to your theme or your database.

A Ghetto test you can do is to just switch from your theme to Twenty Fourteen + run a WPT report.

If this fixes the problem you'll have to optimize your theme + here's how.

Make a BackupBuddy copy of your site + drop it on a sane system, where you can run a PHP IDE like NetBeans + just run through the code.

Fix all errors + bottlenecks + make a zip file of your fixed theme + reinstall your new fixed theme on your WPEngine install.

If you get stuck on any of these steps, google David Favor + be in touch + I'll see if I can assist you.

In most cases, the culprit is a combo of incorrectly tuned OS + Filesystem mount options.

Also, another huge culprit is putting /tmp on disk instead of in memory.

Here's how the /tmp problem deteriorates speed.

Anytime MySQL/MariaDB does a SELECT which exceeds memory, temporary files are created in /tmp + if this is on disk + you have any traffic, your site will slow to a crawl.

Also, for logged in users, session credentials are kept on /tmp + when a logged in user goes from one page to another, the credentials are read from disk + tested.

The best way to handle all this massive file i/o is just setup every server with /tmp in memory + this will solve the database + session disk trash.

Like help speeding up your site? Skype me @ ID davidfavor for a quote. Be sure to include your site name in your Skype Add Contact request.
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