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What's causing 1762ms "First Byte Time" & is it something I can fix?
05-24-2015, 07:08 AM
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RE: What's causing 1762ms "First Byte Time" & is it something I can fix?
I would look into the caching myself, maybe try a different caching plugin (W3 Total or ZenCache are the ones I would recommend).

Just because you have all the unnecessary plugins disabled doesn't mean to say it isn't still a plugin related problem - unless your saying your site is running on a WP install with a single plugin Wink.

I would then disable ALL the plugins and see where the land lays then regarding TTFB. It would then be a process of elimination - of turning them back on, one by one until you find one that makes the TTFB jump dramatically.

It may not be a single plugin that is at fault, but may be a few that are misbehaving, so once you've got the one you think isn't working, test it in isolation to see if it is a problem by itself and if it isn't, try to figure out which other plugin is interfering and go from there.

If it is an errant plugin, then swap it out with another plugin that does the same job or develop it yourselves.

Although looking at the waterfall chart, once you've got the TTFB problem resolved, there are some things you should certainly pay attention to:
  • Merge all the JS and put them at the bottom of the body tag
  • Optimise the images
  • Remove the 404'ing google font CSS
  • Enable keep alive headers on your server
  • Ensure that the google resources aren't fetched from the HTTPS url - it's only adding an extra HTTPS handshake for no gain

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