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Slow website, but super optimized - DOM elements or hosting?
09-08-2015, 07:01 AM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2015 11:35 AM by jrothrock14.)
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RE: Slow website, but super optimized - DOM elements or hosting?
While I haven't been crawling this forum for a really long time, I must say, your last two posts are easily the most informative posts I have read on this site - not even taking into account your Bookmark worthy website.

The domain was on the managed hosting, while the IP was on DO.

I'm glad to see someone using Apache, as I really liked the redirect rules and hardening that could be done in the .htaccess. Definitely gonna start messing around with Apache again. You gave me a lot to test on haha.

- On a side note, I just ran through and saw that a lot of the big websites, that run Wordpress, were using Apache.

Yeah, the theme is honestly boo-boo. I'm gonna scrap it.

I'm definitely gonna be looking into the dedicated server - just got to be ready to destroy it 5 times over.

While this is kind off topic, for someone who is learning Webdev, is this a good visual representation of what one should know?

- This is not in any particular order. As dFavor has suggested on his excellent page, secure everything first - ssh, sftp, ufw/iptable, fail2ban, remove root login, ghost the server, use "netstat -peanut", and of course SSL - I'm intrigued by your close-wait reaper. This is coming from some one with a few weeks? of practice, so take mine with a grain of salt and look at dfavors link. Maybe I'm just speaking into the wind.
EDIT: Change popular ports too.

Also, from a speed perspective, for building brochure websites, is there any reason not to use Wordpress? You're a huge fan of it I can tell. I've considered dabbling in Drupal for a while now - even though, I've heard that's not good for building brochure websites. I've also slightly looked into static content generators. Edit: Just saw ghost.

I probably won't have the site backup for about a month or so, as I gotta make some money from a different venture to fuel this. I really do appreciate, and others will too, the amount of time you put into this.

**Side side note. After looking into http 2.0, I'm really thinking it is time for the web to go - "Always-on-SSL" which has been talked about this week in /r/webdev

---Maybe start dropping some links over there?
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