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Understanding my results: slow load times
01-09-2016, 05:51 AM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2016 05:56 AM by Anton Chigurh.)
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RE: Understanding my results: slow load times
(01-08-2016 11:33 PM)pmeenan Wrote:  @Anton, that's thow wordpress works. The server executes hundreds of php files on the back end, makes dozens of database queries and as a result of all of that work spits out a 17kb HTML file. You won't see it in the waterfall (just shows up as delays to first byte) and the best way to get visibility into exactly where the time is going is to install something like New Relic on the server.
I'm finding out most platforms do this - in fact I have found this today testing Joomla, XenForo, vBulletin and even facebook! Also, (re: the bolded) in the advanced settings we can get WPT to give us the actual contents of the file generated in request #1.

Before testing, click on "Advanced Settings" then choose the "Advanced" tab then click the checkbox for "Save response bodies." When the waterfall populates, clicking on Request #1 now gives you a link titled, "Open response body in new window" and this opens in browser, showing you ALL of the code generated during the "first byte time." It looks to be really, the source code for the site as you would see it if you were checking source code.

So I am assuming this is the server constructing the source code, which is downloaded and executed by the browser, and then you get all of your content downloads following starting with request #2 and so on down the line.

Here's a example response body for a vBulletin 3.8.7 installation.

This becomes quickly obvious that testing in this way and checking content (reading the code) of Request #1 tells you what impact all of your add-ons, bells, whistles and extras have on the construction of this executable file and therefore, TTFB itself.. It simply takes more TIME to find more stuff.

Here's a link to the exact contents of Req. #1 of the OP's site.

Even the most casual reading of this code shows there's a lot of work being done here populating all of the extras and add-ons. This is why I would like to see the OP turn OFF all extras, plugins, add-ons, and run tests with all of these off. A baseline test of what this would be "out of the box" so to speak, so he can clearly see what effect all of the extra stuff has on TTFB.

I run all of my sites on godaddy deluxe shared hosting and always have, (12 years now) and don't have FBT issues at all. But then again, I keep my sites svelte and light, not a lot of junk to clog up the pipeline.

(01-08-2016 11:33 PM)pmeenan Wrote:  For example, I run a wordpress blog for my wife on a spare ancient laptop we had lying around and the first byte times are < 100ms consistently (and it is not caching since it doesn't get a lot of traffic).
I am willing to bet that site isn't loading 4 megabytes of glut though.
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